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A festival favorite at Rotterdam, Tall as the Baobab Tree headlined the NYC Human Rights Watch Film Festival, and was released by Sundance Artist Services in 2014. The film is inspired by true stories from Jeremy Teicher’s (Director)  Student Academy Award-nominated short documentary.

Untitled“[Jeremy Teicher’s] debut is smart, rhythmic… with a great soundtrack, impressive cutting and an ending that is courageous and true… He’s a director to watch. Brandon Harris, Filmmaker Magazine

The-New-York-Times“Moving… directed by Jeremy Teicher, an American filmmaker working in the plain neorealist style of Satyajit Ray.” Stephen Holden, New York Times.

ThinkAfrica“A sensitive and powerful new film adds an important voice to the struggle against child marriage.. shown in schools it is sparking a conversation.”

LuxorWINNER Best Artistic Achievement, Luxor (Egypt) African Film Festival for “successfully treating the subject of forced marriage.”

dia_logoTall as the Baobab Tree effectively unpicks the complexity of cultural changeIn this moving and original film, we are gently guided to move the conversation past indignation towards constructive understanding, and to give a thought not only to human rights but to what change and economic progress feels like to those subject to development.” Holly Young, Development In Action.

Academy Announces U.S. Finalists for 2011 Student Academy Awards
Inspired by true stories from director Jeremy Teicher’s 2011 Student Academy Award-nominated documentary.

Human Rights Watch:

enQuete quadri

“Fier des similitudes avec les films de Sembène.”  Mariétou Kane, Enquête

HOLY “Like the panoramas of Peter Weir or the lovingly crafted mis en scéne of Jean Pierre Jeunet, Teicher and his cinematographer Chris Collins paint a picture with every frame… In some respects it echoes such dramas as THE REMAINS OF THE DAY or SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. The drama lies in the frustration of social acceptability…a grand cinematic experience which is very much worth your time, for it is a fine demonstration of how a film can be so small and so large, so sorrowful and so uplifting at the same time. John Sharp, The Hollywood News


“An involving, powerful, yet gentle drama about a Senegalese family trapped by tradition in a modernizing world.”

one stopWhat really interests the director are the rhythms of village life, the interactions between the characters and the generational splits that are revealed in the family’s attitudes to tradition… The result is a beautifully restrained and heartfelt film that deserves to be widely seen.One Stop Arts


“This is universal stuff, a family story. Few things excite me more than when a young filmmaker finds his voice early, and Teicher’s staggering potential shines bright like the sun in BaobabBernard Boo, WayTooIndie.

See Bernard’s follow-up interview with Jeremy here!

Untitled 2 “Rich dialogue and admirable performances… has the makings of a cross over gem” Sean Malin, CineMalin FilmCommentary. Read: Cinemalin “Interview with Jeremy Teicher – SFIFF56

BBCBBC World Service features TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE and WAR WITCH at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London. [Video opens in a new page]
BBC grab

screen dailyScreen International Interview: “Rotterdam: Hearing new African Voices. New York-based film-maker Jeremy Teicher talks about his Senegal-set Tall As The Baobab Tree.

Rotterdam_JPEG(1)AUDIENCE AWARDS: Tall as the Baobab Tree ranks in TOP TWENTY out of over 170 films at Rotterdam.

A subtle, skillfully photographed portrait of a strong young woman who is caught between tradition and progress”  Gertjan Zuilhof, International Film Festival Rotterdam

varietyTeicher’s quietly eloquent first fiction film… [combines] the artlessness of documentary with the aesthetic unity of fiction… Ronnie Schieb, VARIETY

indiewirelogo“A beautiful and captivating story about a young girl’s resilience in the face of embroiled traditionalism, Coumba [main character] is undoubtedly the face of Africa’s female future.” –Fariha Roisin, Indiewire

BFI Filmclub Live Interview to students across the UK “Tall as the Baobab Tree and Beasts of the Southern Wild.”

Untitled TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE is  “a moving story [about two sisters] but also about the power of education and its life-changing consequences.”

mediagloballogo“Teicher’s film debut… is a portrayal of a small Senegalese village on the cusps of social change as education fuels a generational conflict centered on the issue of child marriage.” Julia Hanne, MediaGlobal News

BFIAn exquisitely performed and beautifully photographed drama that is a marvel to watch.” Keith Shiri, British Film Institute

SF“With its honest performances, gentle pacing and subtle tone, Tall as the Baobab Tree captures the essence of African village life at a time when tradition and progress are actively colliding.”  Joanne Parsont, San Francisco International Film Festival

As intellectually intriguing as it is dramatically satisfying,” David Parkinson, Empire Online

movingTop 10 for 2012… Tall as the Baobab Tree “For the respectful and collaborative way in which this American director went to Senegal to make a film that genuinely reflects locals’ experiences. The film’s atmosphere is gentle, realistic, and treats all its characters even-handedly, whether they are progressive or traditionalist in their views.  [Alison Frank]


Hundreds of young students in Paris view Tall as the Baobab Tree at Festival Ciné Junior 2013, an educational festival using film to to examine global issues.

Jeremy Teicher speaks :59- 1:28. [Or: view on TVal website]

Doha-Giffoni copy“A film every person can relate to [at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival]..”

“It’s a story that keeps your attention to the end… it’s a delight.” UK One World [Daniel Nelson]

Our pick of the top five at the Ritzy”  Brixton Blog UK, [Ashley Clark]

Tall as the Baobab Tree featured on Norwegian TV at the Kosmorama International Film Festival, Jeremy Teicher interviewed:

“Beautifully photographed and subtly observed…  rich in the picture it paints… low key yet stirringly effectiveGlass Magazine UK lists us as “six of the finest films showing at this month’s cinematic spectacular.”

flickBeautifully framed, every shot is a joy to behold, from the dusty fields surrounding the village to the bustling streets of the city. Every detail is captured with care and an almost painterly sensibility… creating a stunningly shot, universally relevant and important film.  Flick Feast UK [Bruce Bailey] – Tall as the Baobab Tree

“… there’s a truthful simplicity to the filmmaking and the performances that’s quietly winning.”  Cinetalk, London Review : Tall as the Baobab Tree

eat“…exudes an almost effortless quality… a film full of heart, and a powerful piece of cinema.” EatSleepLiveFilm [Paul Risker]

“… our  first two top picks for BFI London 2012..[both].employ a very distinct technique to bring the viewer right into the heart of the story –  create a sense of intimacy and of moral urgency .. are exquisitely shot..   TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE is absolutely captivating and emotionally involving…” Bina007 Movies, [Caterina Benicasa]

A remarkable first feature by 23-year-old American filmmaker … Teicher takes a beautifully restrained, intimate and considered approach to the material.  Interview with Jeremey Teicher at UK premier [Alex Ramon]

view“A subtle story of sisterly lovebeautifully shot in Senegal, with great cinematography by Chris Collins” View of the Arts

“…a sensitive, beautifully shot study of the collision of youth and tradition in a small Senegalese village. BFI Festival Interview [Ashley Clark]

“This is on the surface a simple film, but one that fleshes out the reality of the fallout between trees of fruit and the Tree of Knowledge.” Movies are Better than Ice Cream UK

Radio Interview with Jeremy Teicher – London’s Celluloid Heros Radio.

a parable of social change…” BFI Young Journalism Competition winner interviews  the 23-year-old director.

Cinematic influences in Blog interview with Jeremy Teicher.  Flickfeast UK

Thoughtful and serene…tinged with poetry…” Touki Montreal

In a remarkable finesse, the movie  shakes moviegoers, without being judgmental” “D’une finesse remarquable, sa réalisation secoue les cinéphiles, sans toutefois être moralisatrice.L’ Aire Pepin, Montreal.

Video Interview avec Jeremy Teicher (French) – Live Interview in Montreal, August 2012.

aboutChild Marriage: The Politics, the Culture Explored .  “Twenty-four-year-old New York filmmaker Jemery Teicher captured the essence of the practice in what I consider a remarkable film on the subject…”I loved it. It really affected me… I felt like I was THERE.” Montreal [Evelyn Reid]

Recontre (Interview in French) avec Jeremy Teicher, réalisateur de Grand comme le Baoba. Touki Montreal August 2012

“...this film succeeds on the basis of its naturalistic and sympathetic performances… cinematography is gorgeous… It all adds up to a compelling, thought-provoking film.”  Bloody Underrated [Churcher White]

A Premier as Big as the Boabab.” Two full pages about us in the largest English-language weekly newspaper in the province of Quebec. Click here for digital edition – see pages 4 & 5.  August 2012

Education Interrupting Tradition.  The Link. “Grand Comme Le Baobab features organic filmmaking” – August 2012

Afrokan Life  La première mondiale du film GRAND COMME LE BAOBAB sera présentée à la 36e édition du Festival des Films du Monde.

Jeremy Teicher helps young Africans tell the world 'This Is Us.'Feature Story about TALL AS THE BAOBAB
The International Christian Science Monitor
November 7, 2011


The Inspiration for  Grand comme le Baobab : Documentary “This Is Us” Premieres in a Special Event at the American Ambassador’s Residence
The documentary that inspired   Grand comme le Baobab is presented by Jeremy Teicher  at a special premier at the American Ambassador’s residence in Dakar  to international media coverage. Backed by Dartmouth College Dickey Center For International Understanding Lombard Public Service Fellowship and a sponsorship from Kodak.
November 3, 2010