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Proud students

With more libraries and universities purchasing the film Tall as the Baobab Tree, we continue our support to the school that opened their doors to us for filming. This school year we purchased school shirts that the children proudly wear. Their parents helped to pay for these to encourage their involvement with the school – it’s all part of ongoing local efforts to help instill pride in attending this first village school.




International Day of the Girl

Tall as the Baobab Tree follows two sisters torn between loyalty to their elders and their dreams for the future, and struggling to find their footing at the outer edge of the modern world.

This award-winning feature film resulted from the collaboration of a group of young village students divided between those whose parents sent them to school and those whose parents chose to follow the deep-rooted practice of early arranged marriage.

Today, many schools and universities use Tall as the Baobab Tree to enrich their curriculum by introducing students to this unique voice from Africa’s young generation.View the Trailer.

Tall as the Baobab Tree



The next generation… education

boabab_reunionMounirou Cissé, who played the Hotel Owner in Grand comme le Baobab (Tall as the Baobab Tree), stands in front of the new village preschool constructed by Birame N’dour. Birame is a hero in the village community: he founded the village’s first elementary school in 2000, which now has over 300 students. The main actors from Baobab were among the first students to attend Birame’s school, making them the first children from the village to ever receive a formal education.

Impact of the film at the school where we filmed

By the end of 2015  proceeds from the movie had provided 16,000 lunches at the school where we filmed. Most children arrive at school without breakfast and will not eat until dinner.

The importance of providing a healthy meal at school is highlighted by the World Bank book “Efficient Learning for the Poor Insights from the frontier of Cognitive Neuroscience” by Helen Abadzi.DSCN0067

Impact of the Movies continues

Sales of Tall as the Baobab Tree into schools, universities and public libraries continues. We’re proud to let you know that we responded to a request from the Senegalese school where we filmed to pay for notebooks, paper, chalk and other supplies.