A bold step away from mainstream cinema

Jeremy Teicher: “In  TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE I really strove to truthfully represent the villagers and their changing culture… it’s not a narrative of “good versus evil.”  TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE is a peaceful story that seeks to bring people closer together through intimacy and honesty, rather than seeking to entertain people through a highly subjective, dramatized plot.

This has drawn an interesting, almost polarizing response. Many people deeply appreciate our dedication to naturalism, and are very moved by the non-dramatized window that TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE opens onto village life. At the same time, there are others who enter the theatre expecting more of a classic narrative to take place. TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE is most certainly not your standard narrative movie – this film takes a bold step away from the mainstream.”

Read the entire interview here http://viewofthearts.com/2012/09/29/in-conversation-with-jeremy-teicher/

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