Forced early marriage.

How does TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE frespond to the sensitive topic of forced child marriage ? Our director responds:

Early marriage seems to be a clear-cut case of right versus wrong. The explores the multitude of perspectives on this seemingly black-and-white issue within the framework of a narrative story.

In rural Africa where the reality of poverty is at its harshest, it is the time-tested traditions – including early marriage – that are often the villagers’ only sure means of survival. Although the film’s young protagonist clearly supports the path of education rather than marriage, we come to understand that for her parents, the modern world of school is mysterious and uncertain whereas the agrarian world of marriage and farming is stable and proven, generation after generation.

By contrasting these two worldviews, the film poignantly reveals a whole family’s struggle as they try to embrace modern society while balancing their day-to-day reality in the unforgiving environment of rural Africa.


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